cCWCS alum Gaquere-Parker receives NSF grant

cCWCS workshop alum Anne Gaquere-Parker of the Department of Chemistry at the University of West Georgia, has recieved a new grant from the TUES program of the National Science Foundation.  The grant (NSF 1043847) will support the development of laboratory courses for non-science majors, an advanced analytical class for chemistry majors and a special topics class in art restoration for art majors. Previously Gaquere-Parker had been teaching these courses without a laboratory. The grant will allow the purchase an XRF and Raman spectrometer. Together with other instruments obtained through internal grants (IR, UV Vis, another Raman and another XRF) and some already in the department (GC-MS), the new grant will allow for the development of these courses, initiate new undergraduate research projects and help build collaborations between the Chemistry and  Anthropology departments.


Congratulations, Anne!