Distance Learning & Hybrid Teaching

City, State: 
Denver, CO
Kathleen Carrigan, Kenneth Friedrich (Portland Community College, OR) and Jonathon Gittins (Delta College, MI)
04 May 2017 - 07 May 2017


A three-day cCWCS miniworkshop

Thursday: Arrival and evening reception
Friday and Saturday:
Full days
Morning activities, afternoon departure


This workshop is designed for instructors who may have been requested by their administration to teach a distance learning chemistry course but have little or no experience with distance learning.  We will start with an overview of learning modular systems such as “moodle” “desire to learn”, and Blackboard.  We will not train specifics on any one system.  We will show how to build a learning module from scratch including how to build an interactive learning environment and how to incorporate different learning methods using best practices.  We will demonstrate live online office hours, how to use online homework and how to use and manage an “at home wet-lab” experience with lab reports.  Methods of assessment will be discussed.  A discussion of the germane literature will be included.  Our focus is on building a student centered learning environment, guiding students to take responsibility for their own learning while building confidence along the way.  If you have been resisting building a distance learning chemistry course, this workshop will help you get a great start, and show you the benefits of teaching an online course.