Food Chemistry Miniworkshop: Chemistry of Baking

Saint Joseph's College of Maine
City, State: 
Standish, ME
Nicholas Benfaremo, Sunil Malapati, Elizabeth Pollock
18 Jul 2014 - 20 Jul 2014



Friday evening: Reception
Saturday and Sunday:
Full days



The Food Chemistry Mini-workshop is intended to provide participants with a basic understanding of a focused food chemistry topic as well as strategies and activities to incorporate that knowledge into the chemistry curriculum.  The mini-workshop is an extension of the week-long workshop allowing us greater geographic reach and different target groups, as well as provide an in-depth exploration of a single topic.

The weekend workshop will start with an evening session on Friday involving a meet and greet dinner and a plenary talk.  The sessions on Saturday and Sunday will include a limited amount of lecture; the emphasis will be on hands-on activities, discovery-based lessons, experimentation in the labs and in the kitchen.  Workshop participants will employ baking principles learnt in the sessions to prepare Saturday night dinner.  The workshop will end on Sunday afternoon by 3 PM.

Topics to be covered in the workshop include:
Heat and Energy: The basics of heat transfer and temperature control in ovens are important to appreciate the chemistry of baking. 
Reactions during Baking: The physical and chemical reactions that accompany baking include leavening agents, Maillard reactions and protein denaturation.  The importance of gluten in bread-making and various strategies for replacing gluten will be discussed.
Flavor and Nutrition: The role of baking in manipulating, enhancing and extracting flavor from multiple foods will be explored.  The historical importance of baking for food safety and nutrition will be addressed.