Fundamentals of Proteomics

University of Puerto Rico - Med. Sci. Campus
City, State: 
San Juan, PR
Carlos A. Torres-Ramos, Loyda Melendez and Julina Perez Laspiur (University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus)


This workshop is designed for faculty members with little or no experience in the field of proteomics.  The workshop presents the most fundamental aspects of the discipline and introduces participants to a variety of techniques by means of hands-on laboratory exercises related to protein isolation, differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE), and protein identification and validation.

The workshop will include lectures, lab exercises, and demonstrations presented by local and national instructors.

Tentative Workshop Outline

Day 1: Lecture: Fundamentals of Proteomics.
Laboratory: Differential in-gel electrophoresis:  Isoelectric focusing.

Day 2: Lecture:  Differential expression analysis.
Laboratory: Differential in-gel electrophoresis:  Second dimension.

Day 3: Lecture: Protein identification by tandem mass spectrometry.
Laboratory: Differential in-gel electrophoresis:  Image acquisition and analysis.

Day 4: Lecture: Differential expression validation.
Laboratory: Tandem mass spectrometry.

Day 5: Laboratory: Tandem mass spectrometry analysis.