Mitochondrial Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

University of Puetro Rico Med. Sci. Campus
City, State: 
San Juan, PR
Carlos A. Torres-Ramos, Sylvette Ayala-Torres and Sabzali Javadov (University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus)
09 Jul 2017 - 14 Jul 2017


A week-long cCWCS workshop

Mitochondria have emerged as a central components of physiological processes and the pathophysiology of diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and diabetes and others. Thus it is imperative that faculty members at primarily teaching institutions keep up with the rapid accumulation of knowledge generated in this field. The goal of this workshop is to provide faculty members with little or no experience in the field of mitochondrial research with the most fundamental theoretical aspects of the discipline and introduce participants to a variety of techniques related to mitochondria  biochemistry, physiology, genetics and molecular biology. A major long-term goal of this workshop is that faculty incorporate in their courses the topics and techniques learned in the workshop.. The workshop will include lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises presented by local and national instructors.

Tentative Workshop Outline

Day 1:
Lecture: Mitochondrial Genetics and Cell Biology
Laboratory:  Isolation of mitochondria and oxygen consumption determination

Day 2:
Lecture: Mitochondrial Physiology
Laboratory: Detection of mitochondrial membrane potential

Day 3:
Lecture: Mitochondrial DNA Repair
Laboratory: Detection of mtDNA mutations

Day 4:
Lecture: Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Detection of mitochondrial generated reactive oxygen species

Day 5:
Lecture: Mitochondria in Health and Disease