Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Univeristy of Hawaii - Hilo
City, State: 
Hilo, HI
28 May 2013 - 01 Jun 2013


Workshop begins with evening reception on Tuesday May 28, and ends late afternoon on Saturday June 1, with departure on Sunday June 2.

Population and evolutionary genetics is a complex field of study that can help us understand how the diversity of life is organized from the genes within and among populations to the divergence and adaptation of species. This workshop will provide college faculty with lecture material and laboratory techniques that can be used to teach these topics to undergraduate students at their home institution.    The workshop will introduce participants to a variety of topics in biotechnology and molecular genetics, with a particular emphasis on modern techniques for DNA sequencing, genotyping and the statistical analyses for the evolution of populations and species.
Topics to be covered

Introduction to molecular biology and cloning - The workshop will provide an overview of the central dogma of Biology: transcription and translation of genes.  Discussion will include DNA replication, types and implications of mutations, in vitro cloning, and basics of DNA extraction, PCR, DNA genotyping and sequencing.

DNA genotyping and sequencing
– Laboratory techniques will be performed to analyze genetic variation to examine evolution of populations and species.  Several types of DNA genotyping and DNA sequencing techniques will be covered and performed in the laboratory. 

Data mining and analysis – Computer analysis will be used for DNA genotypic analysis and DNA sequence analysis to determine variation within and among populations and comparison of species.

Modeling in population and evolutionary genetics - Models in population and evolutionary genetics are important to understand the complex processes of divergence and adaptation of populations and species. Simple models and computer programs will be used to conduct population genetic simulations that will examine the effect of genetic drift, mutation, selection and gene flow in population and evolutionary genetics.