Writing POGIL-in-Context Activities for use in General Chemistry

Coastal Carolina University
City, State: 
Conway, SC
John Goodwin (Coast Carolina University) and Troy Wolfskill (Stony Brook University)
06 Jun 2014 - 08 Jun 2014



Friday: Arrival and evening reception
Full days

Participants will receive copies of “Foundations of Chemistry” 4th edition by David Hanson, and “Solving Real Problems with Chemistry”, 2nd edition, edited by Goodwin, Hanson, Wolfskill, both published by Pacific Crest. Participants should bring laptop computers and textbooks for reference since a majority of the time will be devoted to writing activities.


Friday evening: Reception

Saturday: The morning will be devoted to an introduction to the general POGIL pedagogy and the POGIL-in-Context approach with emphasis on the General Chemistry course. Saturday afternoon will be devoted to beginning writing activities and associated Help Pages. 

Sunday: Sunday morning will engage participants in peer review of draft activities and continued writing.
Sunday afternoon will result in distribution of completed activities for classroom testing.