2009 CWCS Forensic Science Workshop, Williams College

 Lawrence Kaplan (Williams College)

Forensic science, the application of scientific principles to criminal and civil laws within a criminal justice system with the goal toward the establishment of guilt or innocence, has had an enormous impact on the definition and enforcement of the laws enacted to regulate society.  This workshop introduced some of the specialized fields of forensic science and provided the fundamental principles of science and technology upon which they are based.  Aspects of forensic science involving the examination of physical, chemical, and biological items of evidence were explored.  This workshop provided the participants with an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of forensic science and to learn about the application of forensic science to essentially all aspects of undergraduate instruction in chemistry.  In the laboratory component, participants gained sufficient experience to incorporate forensic experiments into undergraduate chemistry and/or biochemistry courses.  The activities on each day included lecture, discussion, and laboratory exercises which included an analysis of evidence collected at various crime scenes.

Williams College