2010 Spring 2YC3 Meeting: CWCS Mini-Workshop

Lawrence Kaplan and David Collard presented a mini-workshop titled "Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences: An Overview of the Program and an Example of the Forensic Science Workshop" 


Abstract: The Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences (CWCS) has provided numerous, hands-on workshops on a variety of topical areas in chemical education. These have served more than 2000 participants who have used the material from the workshops in a number of ways to improve undergraduate education at their home institutions. An overview of the Center's activities was presented to highlight the broad impact of the program, and to profile new initiatives.


An overview of the Forensic Science workshop, which uses the fascination with crime detection and the discovery pedagogical approach to stimulate interest in science and technology, was presented. The primary goal was to help colleagues gain an appreciation for the ease with which forensic science concepts and experiments can be incorporated into their curriculum and to the substantial impact they will have on student attitudes toward science.  An interactive, mini-workshop including the analysis of fingerprints, alcohol in saliva, drug detection, and blood typing served to illustrate the approach taken in the workshop.


Finally, new initiatives and directions of the CWCS were discussed.  These included the goal of building strong “Communities of Scholars” in topical areas to further disseminate new and innovative content, and to spread the use of good pedagogical practice in the teaching of chemistry at the undergraduate level.


San Francisco
San Francisco Commuinty College