2012 BCCE cCWCS mini-workshop: Chemical Transformations with Food

Exploring Chemistry through Food makes science fun and approachable to a student while providing an endless array of everyday examples to teach chemical concepts to Chemistry majors and non-majors alike. This mini-workshop will provide the participants with hands-on activities, demonstrations, discovery-based lessons, and small experiments that will focus on chemical transformations using food. Basic chemical concepts such as pH, color, nature of heat & energy will be explored in addition to cutting-edge molecular gastronomy techniques that will excite faculty and students alike. Participants will take home materials they can plug into various courses and labs. The cCWCS is supported by the NSF (TUES Type 3 Project #1022895)

3-hour session; Intended Audience: UG

Session 1:
9:30 AM-12:30 PM Monday, July 30, 2012
$30; limit of 24 participants

Session 2:
2:00 PM-5:00 PM Monday, July 30, 2012
$30; limit of 24 participants


Sunil Malapati, Clarke University, 1550 Clarke Drive, MS 1816, Dubuque, Iowa 52001, United States, email sunil.malapati@clarke.edu, tel. 563-588-6347

Elizabeth Pollock, Richard Stockton College, P.O. Box 195, Pomona, New Jersey 08240, United States, email elizabeth.pollock@stockton.edu, tel. 609-626-3573

Subha Das, Carnegie Mellon University, 4400 Fifth Ave, Mellon Institute 740A, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, United States, email srdas@andrew.cmu.edu, tel. 412-268-6871.

University Park
Pennsylvania State University