CWCS Green Chemistry Workshop 2005: Changes in curriculum, research and a department

Attendance at the 2005 Green Chemistry workshop has had a substantial impact on the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Siena College. A green organic chemistry lab curriculum was introduced and continues to move forward. Currently all organic experiments use green chemistry principles. Student research projects are directed toward better green organic chemistry labs to be used in this curriculum. This change has, in turn, affected other research programs in the department to develop and improve green chemistry labs in general and inorganic chemistry labs. In addition, the faculty in the department are more aware of waste production and make an effort to use safer solvents and reactants in their own research. In this presentation, green chemistry experiments, research directions and general departmental changes will be discussed.
Alicia B. Todaro, Dr., PhD Michael R. O'Brien, Mr Hillary Hofstein, Ms
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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Siena College Loudonville NY United States