How a CWCS workshop can lead to funding, curricular changes, and a new career in forensic science

The author attended a CWCS forensic workshop at Williams College in Summer 2002. This experience directly resulted in the funding of a NSF-CCLI (A&I) proposal. The funding allowed full development of a new upper-level course (Forensic Chemistry Laboratory), which covers several topics presented at the CWCS workshop, but at a level suitable for senior-level forensic chemistry students. Among the many experimental topics covered in the new course, students now perform STR analysis of their own DNA, drug analysis, and arson analysis. Students also process a crime scene and testify in mock court. Along the way the author, an organic chemist by training, has slowly wandered more deeply into the field of forensic science, both in the area of research and education.
M. Scott Goodman, PhD
Author Affiliation: 
Department of Chemistry Buffalo State College Buffalo NY United States