Impact of an NSF advanced forensic science workshop on the development of a new forensic chemistry course

The increased interest in Forensic Science seen in society, has served as a "trigger" for the initiation of Forensic Science programs in several undergraduate universities. Faculty from different scientific backgrounds and different disciplines, have been involved in teaching Forensic Science undergraduate courses at different levels. That can be challenging, if your scientific background does not encompass all other disciplines involved in Forensic Science. The Center for Workshops in Chemical Science (CWCS) has merged disciplines together by offering workshops that educate faculty in how to teach such courses. I was a participant of an Advanced Forensic Science Workshop in the summer of 2008. This allowed me to develop a new special topics course in Forensic Chemistry and incorporate the knowledge acquired from the workshop to the classroom. I was also able to involve undergraduate students in research projects and grant submissions that were inspired from this course.
Maria V. Schiza, PhD Laura Ruiz Espelt,
Author Affiliation: 
Chemistry Department Millersville University Millersville PA United States