NSF CWCS Surface Science Workshop, Kettering University, Flint Michigan, June 2006: Post workshop experience in professional development

The CWCS Surface Science Workshop at Kettering University has played a major role in the author's professional development in research and teaching activities. Training and exposure to SEM and XPS were instrumental in the author's timely completion of his dissertation and PhD at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (December 2006) on thermal effects on the morphology and surface composition of white oaks used in beverage flavors and aromas. In addition, the author was introduced to Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) at the workshop and pursued additional training at the McCrone Research Institute. The author further developed his skills with the PLM in particle and fiber identification from optical properties and acquired additional student microscopes which he has incorporated into the analytical chemistry sequence. Students in the analytical sequence are instructed in microscope setup, optics, the determination of unknown particles and fibers and the microchemical identification of elements and ions.
Roy D. Wilcox,
Author Affiliation: 
Math and Natural Sciences Lincoln Memorial University Harrogate TN United States