Using forensic science as a way to teach science to students of all ages

Since attending the CWCS Advanced Forensic Science Workshop in June of 2008, the training I received from this workshop has been implemented at Mount Saint Mary College in a variety of ways. Some of the forensics events hosted by our college include: the advent of a new non-science majors Forensic Science course in the spring of 2009, a workshop in the summer of 2008 for the New York State's Excelsior Scholars Program for Grade Seven Mathematics and Science Students, and in the spring of 2010, a forensics-themed badge activity performed during an ACS and Women Chemists Committee-sponsored Girl Scout Badge Day. The forensics laboratories and activities from the workshop have been adapted for a variety of ages and science abilities. Details on the activities performed, how this was achieved, and the role of the CWCS workshop in implementing these activities will be discussed.
Dr. Janet M Petroski
Author Affiliation: 
Division of Natural Science, Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY, United States