Workshops in the Chemical Sciences inspired curriculum transformation in undergratuate organic chemistry course in a community college

One year organic chemistry, the whole course, was redesigned after attending workshops of Teaching Guided-Inquiry Organic Labs and NMR, sponsored and supported by CWCS. The basic principle in this transformation included encouraging active learning, providing students with individual assistance, on-line assessment and progress monitoring mechanism. This new modification of course included time changes in course offerings and experiment modification in the laboratory instruction. Before attending CWCS workshops, one year organic chemistry was divided in two parts at Lake Michigan College. Part 1 included Org. Chem. I Techniques and Part 2 Org. Chem. II included Reactions. Now we are redesigning the course using Guided-Inquiry Organic Labs with frequent NMR applications and keeping Green Environmental Chemistry in mind. Org Chem. I encompass Techniques as well as Reactions. Techniques are Micro scale, Use of Equipments, Distillation, Recrystallization, TLC, Column Chromatography, Acid/base/neutral Separation, Extraction, Spectroscopy SN1 SN2 Reactions Oxidation/reduction, Aspirin preparation. Org Chem. II includes Multistep Synthesis/Mini Research Project like Synthesis of p-substituted-1-indanone from p-substituted from benzoic acid and others. Assessment outcomes and students perception survey of redesigned organic chemistry course will be presented.
Bal Barot, Dr. David Alonso, Dr.
Author Affiliation: 
Department of Science Lake Michigan College Benton Harbor Michigan United States, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Andrews University Berrien Springs Michigan United States